We've created the first smartwatch that doesn't compromise, with both unparalleled battery life and powerful watch apps.

Including two-way communication to smartphones and amazing developer tools that you can download today.

This is AGENT, a brand-new generation of smartwatch. Please join us on a tour.

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Wireless Charging

We love MicroUSB for charging our devices, but AGENT needs to be water resistant. And we are not big fans of proprietary charging cables.

Qi is a global standard for wireless charging, and we are building it into the AGENT smartwatch. Simply set your watch on the Qi charging pad to keep the battery topped off.

No wires, no hassle.

Powerful Watch Apps

Like your smartphone, AGENT runs downloadable apps.

These apps can talk to traditional Bluetooth devices such as smartphones and heart rate monitors as well as the new generation of Bluetooth Low Energy devices such as door locks.

Working with your smartphone, watch apps can also retrieve info from the Internet, keeping you up to date with the things that are most important to you.

World-class Developer Tools

Watch apps can be written in C# using Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 (including the free Express edition). Deploy your apps over Bluetooth and debug them interactively.

Download Visual Studio Express 2012
Download .NET Micro Framework SDK v4.3 QFE1
Download AGENT SDK (February 2014 Preview)

Developers can also use AGENT as a secondary display, interacting with it remotely via Bluetooth from their Objective-C, C#, or Java smartphone app.